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    replace fuel selector valve 95 sl650

    I have a 95 sl 650. the knob for the fuel selector valve broke off, and so I purhcased one off ebay. Problem is, I can not get the old valve out of the hull. I've hit it with a hammer, but didn't want to hit it too hard for fear I would crack the fiberglass. It's like it's glued in. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to remove the old valve. Thank you

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    You have to remove the large nut than give it a whack..

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    If you bought a used one, make sure it is in good condition, otherwise it can cause a lean condition and ruin your engine.

    If you need a new one, BRP uses the same fuel selector on Can-Ams and Seadoos. I think the Polaris one is discontinued.

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    Yea, I guess I fell into that one. The retaining nut was removed!!, yet the valve itself seems adheared to the hull. Any ideas? Thanks

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    If the retaining nut was removed, then some adhesive was used.

    Try to carefully remove the valve. There is a "D" shape opening to keep the valve from spinning, so don't twist the valve. Try to push/pull or lightly chisel it free.

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