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    What do these run at ?

    I have a 2002 xlt 1200. rebuilt stock 20 hours ago with a modded 12/18 and a freeflow exhaust and worx sponsons.

    Was out at the weekend and the sea was glass so we were pinning it everywhere (makes a nice change from wavejumping). Anyway raced a 2007 FXHO on the holeshot we were level at about 1/4 mile I was two ski lengths ahead. He was surprised (but not as surprised as me).

    Raced another buddy who has an identical FXHO and the same result. We all had the same amount of fuel, though interestingly, when I was down to 1 bar, the gap got bigger (though assume they still had 1/3 - 1/2 a tank).

    These FXHO's are definitely running tip top because they really look after their ski's.

    So my question is should I be surprised I beat them or would you expect this and secondly what sort of speeds would this be ? (my dreamometer hit 99 and then stuck still, couldnt get past that).

    Really quite pleased as we have a radar run in a couple of weeks and it looks like i ain't gonna be last

    Last question, if I put a R&D grate on it, will it help my top speed on glass or hinder (I know it's better in the sea, but will just wait until after the radar run if it slows it.

    Sorry for all the questions, but I was SOOOOO pleased with my ski

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    99 is good for an xlt
    were you trim up and nuts off the back?
    stock grate is faster by 2km/h usually
    dont worry about all the BS about having to have a 1200 grate and stuff, the stock one is better on glass unless your getting 70mph serious, then the stocker will make you like mr whippy having a crap (picture that )

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    My XLT1200 did not loose speed with the R&D grate, but definately feels better when letting off the throttle at full speed. GET THE GRATE, don't learn the hard way like I did when they told me I needed one on my GPR, I held out cause of the fear of loosing speed, but let me tell you: I FAR MORE FEAR BEING THROWN OFF AT SPEED NOW! Been there/done that.

    With a 12/18, angled stock rideplate, R&D grate, blueprinted pump, and cut 92 oct head, I run 62 on GPS, so XLT's can run pretty well against FX's if halfway setup right. They are still faster out of hole even if untouched.

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    LOL Bren, I was head down, arse off the back and trim neutral. Trim up next time by the sounds of it. The 99 was on the dreamometer, so Im not so convinced about that, but just really happy how it went against the FXHOs.

    LT1GMC, deffo know what you mean re the grate. I had to let off quick on one of the runs and it was real twitchy and a bit of a fight to keep on, normally I just let off the throttle slowly to avoid this, but thats not always possible.

    Going to go ahead with a new grate, but will wait until after the radar run. Will post the speeds up after.

    Thanks for the response guys. I tell ya, you should have seen me grinning from ear to ear Sunday.

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