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    Engine Will not Start (please help)

    After not turning on my seadoos for a good 5 months one will not start. I took it in to the marina shop and they told me it was the fuel pump. I changed the fuel pump and it still will not start. RXT 2005 only 25 Hours

    1. It's getting spark.
    2. All the fuses are fine.
    3. It has good fuel pressure
    4. It's not the battery.
    5. There is no codes. It beeps like it should, compared it to my other one.

    Can someone tell me what else it could be.

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    is it even turning over?

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    It will turn over all day but will not start.

    Before it didn't start it started up like shit, and then would turn off.

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    I dont know your skill level but here goes. What is the fuel pressure? do the injectors spray fuel? whats your compression? are all the fuses good?

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    If you have spark, then you dont have fuel somehow...

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    How do i check to see if the injectors are spraying fuel.

    All fuses are good.

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    Good question....dont know if you can take one out and crank the engine....

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    Fuel injector

    Does anyone know how to check the fuel injectors to see if they are working.

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    1) Take all 3 plugs out.
    2) Take the 2 bolts that hold the fuel rail on, and pull the rail off. Then try and start the engine, does fuel come out the injectors? If so, check your plugs.
    3) With all plugs removed from the engine, put one back in a coil and touch the threads to a good ground on the engine somewhere, and crank it over, do you see a spark?

    Thats the usual fuel/spark test... Check that and report back with results.

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    Replace the plugs!

    Even though they have spark, it could be a very weak spark from a variety of sources.

    Start with new plugs!

    Drain the fuel out and put freshie 91 in there. You might have old crappy fuel that will not atomize well......

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