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    removal of carburetor on 92 waverunner

    I am a complete newb and I have a jetski that is running at 15mph top speed on glass water. It doesn't sound like it is reving as high as it should, and the throttle doesnt produce any more power after the lever is pulled 50%. My brother and father both reccomend removing and cleaning the carburetor. I basically need a complete tutorial on how to remove it.

    Any help and advice supper appreciated,


    Update: Here is link to R500

    Thanks to ZMANN
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    what model?
    see if this looks close?

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    Welcome to the forum Todd

    I would
    disconnect the battery
    remove the air filter assembly
    remove oil lines and throttle cable
    bolts that hold down the carb to the manifold

    see pics below

    Here is an exploded diagram of the carb. Be sure to replace any gaskets and the internal filter. Inspect all fuel lines and clamps.

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    thats just crazy talk!

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    Awesome, thank you ZMANN and RX951 !

    Yeah ZMANN, that 750 is exactly how mine looks, just different displacement. Mucho appreciato!

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    Before you tear into carb I have seen so many new owners of older watercraft ,not know that an oil fouled spark plug will cause your problem,start at basics , pull spark plugs,look at them if black and oily replace do not try and clean,check compression while you are changing plugs if its fine then change plugs and try it, if it still is same, then check carb ,it could also be jet pump impeller ,a piece of plastic in pump etc. look at simple first the progress from there,JMHO>Marvin

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