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    Help w/ 01 Virage CDK-II Carb

    hey everyone, this is a great site here and I just wanted to send a quick hello!

    I just picked up an 01 Virage. The ski will not idle well and when at high speed it will stall after 20 seconds. I have already done a basic rebuild of the CDK-II carb. The problem is still there. I dont know much about these units as they dont use floats. Is there a simple fix for it, I beleive the idle circuit is messed up. Any help would be great! PS the ski has 120 hours on it, and fuel and spark appear to be fine.

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk!!

    I had a simular issue with my 2002 Virage. Dealer said that it had a pluged passage in the carb. So, yours might need a good soaking in carb cleaner.

    I just replaced mine with a new one because I fought with it for a year (long story) and just wanted it fixed.

    Also check the rest of the fuel system just to make sure there are no issues anywhere else.

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    What carbs are direct replacements for this ski? Its a single carb Virage 700 with a keihen cdkII.

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    What size is this factory carb? Is it 38mm or 40mm?
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