I need the black Slippery decal. It has the S emblem with Slippery written underneath it in black. They put it on about 2x5 inch paper. I have one and need another.

I have the following decals to trade :
1x Slippery decal as described above in white
2x HydroTurf Pyranha in white
2x HydroTurf oval gold and black (devour comp fish)
3x HydroTurf oval elongated black and white name 2x7 inch
1x R&D in black 2x6 inch
1x K&N white 1x4 inch
1x K&N black 1x4 inch
1x SOLAS in green 2x8 inch
3x Riva Racing oval in gray and black 1x5 inch
2x the original blue PWCTODAY.com decals 3x5 inch

Who has this decal?
I'm looking for someone to put in the mail to me asap and tell me which one(s) they want in the mail to them.


If you want any of these let me know.