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    why h20 jacket a turbo? & H20 injection

    I see on the turbo thread some people weld a h20 jacket onto the turbo's housing to keep it cool. I am curious why you would want to do something like this? I always thought turbo's need heat to allow them to run properly?

    These ski's only run 10-20 PSI correct with a GT.... turbo? Is there just a huge lack of airflow in the engine compartment?

    Have any of you messed around with h20 injection?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viggen View Post
    Is there just a huge lack of airflow in the engine compartment?
    Yes, which is why all the stock exhaust is water jacketed.

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    The turbo housing gets hot enough to glow at WOT so you need to keep the heat under the seat to a minimum. Best way to do this is to water jacket the whole exhaust, turbo and anything else that is associated with the exhaust. The air flow in these hulls or any PWC hull for that matter is cr*p due to the fact that they are designed to keep the water out. So this leaves the designers with a task lo let enough air in for the engine but not have to much risk or water intrusion. R88

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    H20 injection is a way to go more power with supercharged or turbo engine.

    I ve not seen anything like that on a PWC but it will be a nice upgrade .

    all about water injection


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