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    Fuel Level & Misfire?

    Used to have tons of gio, but fully cured by OCMS. But still collect lots of fluid, 12ozs or so after 1.5 tanks of gas, 75 miles+ most rides. But oil level does not rise and oil changed frequently.

    Still fouling intercooler every ride or 2. Inspect & change plugs frequently. Sometimes fouled, sometimes not. Airbox vent tube usually has several drops of gio after long ride.

    Checked BOV, fuel pressure (normal 43 on trailer), air intake etc. All KDS sensors normal when tested at shop. Battery is fine.

    But runs erratic, misfiring, surging, widely varying hole shot & top end (50 vs 67+ gps). Always use 92+ octane, I dont think its fuel quality. Performance often returns when fuel goes below 2 bars. This has happened for a long time. Ski has 120hrs.

    Fuel pump is $500 to replace. Cant do it without proof of failure, or at least abnormal fuel pressure. Same issue replacing ecu, need proof of failure.

    Not a warranty, or dealer relations or who pays question. Just want to know how performance could be affected by fuel level? What is the possible cause or correlation?

    Thanks for any ideas.

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    You should be able to get a pump for less than that. Alittle over $100, Jwilson has a replacement setup that should support a pulley kit also.

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