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Thread: 750 ZXi Top End

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    750 ZXi Top End

    My new 1996 750 ZXi has one cylider with no compression. Just got the block off the crankcase and the piston is toasted and there is severe cracking from the bottom of one port to the bottom of the cylinder wall (see pictures).

    The rear cylinder ("#2"- with decent compression) has a lot of piston slop - before I got the jugs off I could move it around in the cylinder quite a bit. I assume this means I need two new cylinders (haven't measured #2 yet), so I wanted to find out for sure if this engine has removable/replaceable cylinder sleeves or if I will need to buy a whole block??

    Also, there are marks in the dome in the head of #2 that must be from the last time it blew up. (See picture; ring fragments getting rammed in there?) Is this serious or will I have to buy a head, too?

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    It might be possible to get that jug bored and re-sleeved however, it would probably be more cost effective to find another jug.

    Check with John Zigler. His link is in my signature. He is a good source for some of this older stuff and real reasonable too.

    It will be real important to find the cause of this problem (looks like a severe lean condition to me). You don't want to smoke the new engine.

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    looks like its been bored before, the cyl walls seem very thin.

    it can def be fixed, but u might want to look on ebay or pwc site and gh for a good used one.

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    Not Looking Good...

    Looks like the crank isn't ok... one thrust washer is missing from the front connecting rod journal on the crank (in pieces in the bearings??).

    I pulled the sight plug in the flywheel cover and there is some oil on it... I assume that means that either the oil pump is leaking (no biggie- will block off anyway) or the crank seal is (biggie if crank is f 'ed).

    If the bottom end of this thing is shot, too, I'm not sure what my best options are...

    If I'm rebuilding anyway, are there some big bore kits out there for some extra power? (I only know of this w/ sleds, but I assume they're out there). Will tear down further A.S.A.P. and update.

    I could use some direction as I'm a newbie. Damn. Really wanted to get this in the water before it freezes...

    Thanks for any suggestions as always!

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    Check into the cylinders for the 800 motor and see if they will fit. You should have the same basic motor as any 750 in a stand up SXI.

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    Thanks for the input so far. Found out it was a cracked oil supply line from the oil tank to the oil pump- pulled in gravel and water and plugged up, it looks like.

    You people do know what you're talking about when it comes to these oil injection problems in old Kawasaki's!

    When I get it rebuilt, will DEFINITELY be premixing now (I was going to before based just on your advice, but now I've experienced it!)

    Have the motor out and cleaned out the hull pretty good the other day- cleaned up nice and gets me excited to get an engine stuck back in there!

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