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    Video Editing Program

    I experimented for the first time last weekend with the Oregon Scientific ATC2K helmet cam. It creates a 640X480 .avi and the quality is actually pretty decent. However, when I attempt to upload the file to either YouTube or Photobucket, it goes through a compression process and the quality is so degraded, you can't make out the GPS numbers. Does anyone know of a program that will allow me to compress the .avi and retain the quality?

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    Not really. If you have windows movie maker you can experiment. Open it up and drag the video into it. Then drag it down to the bottom/timeline. Then go back to the top and click save video. A window will come up with a bunch of different compressions. Just try one til it looks right. If you're going to upload to youtube/photobucket, or any of the other hosting sites, your video will automatically get degraded.

    I uploaded mine to photobucket today, and they were 720X480. I had to recompress them using windows movie maker, and they still came out looking like crap.

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    your best bet is to use Sorenson Squeeze.. a bit pricey though. But there are alternative sources..

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