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    gp 1300r problems!

    my brother gp 1300 is having problems!need help!

    has head work,efi,holeshot kit, riva exaust, thats all the engine work!
    the check engine light keeps comming on and the ski keeps bugging on him!changed the spark plugs still the same. took off the efi still the same as well! i checked all cables and plugs to make sure nothing is damage or pinched.everything looks fine! and its going through gas like crazy!

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    When the buzzer is going off, press and hold the button on the cluster until a two digit number appears. Report back what the number is and that will help diagnose the issue.

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    Ultra,whats your rpm.Whats the EFI settings at? An EFI controller with just a milled head has to be killing your performance.Let us know if any codes.

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    thanks will do today!and report for the efi codes there set to what there suppose to be my mechanic set them! i asked him to help me out real quick and he did but hes really busy now for the summer and he usaully doesnt charge me so i cant be pushy! but ill get the codes as well!

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    No code showing on display! Just check engine. Could the display be broken?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultraplayer26 View Post
    No code showing on display! Just check engine. Could the display be broken?

    Was the ski smoking and running real rich when it initially happened? Ive had both 15 (engine temp) and 18 (TPS) both go off and did not see them on the screen. The only way to see them was data logging the YDS software... 15 makes the ski run really rich and sluggish and smoke a bunch... Tps wont usually allow it to start... Most of the times Ive had codes like this it was due to a bad ground or corroded connection

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    well the only ground messed with is the efi ground and its good!thanx thats what i wanted to hear i guess! i was wondering if its possible for a code not to show but still show check engine!thanx

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    ok what the heck! now im getting a 01 code on the display!!need help!

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    ok i just found the code sticky and the 01 is normal! but now the ski has no check engine, and it was doing it earlier today. i think im going to ride it for a while tomorrow and see what it does. i hooked it up to a hose for about 10min and nothing!

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    Do you have a resistor in there to by pass the temp sensor?

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