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    '95 SL 650 STD Top End

    I'm new to the whole PWC game having purchased a '95 SL 650 over the weekend. I'm at least the third owner so I don't have a history on it but the hull appears to be in good shape and the previous owner said that it was running well until recently when it just had no power (his mechanic said one cylinder had low compression).

    Well, I got it home and after putting a new battery in it was able to confirm that the forwardmost cylinder only has 70 PSI while the other two are at 90 PSI. Do I have to pull the engine to tear it down to the cylinders and pistons? I know I can pull the domes but the exhaust pipe doesn't seem to want to come out of the engine compartment around the exhaust manifold. I may be able to pull the exhaust manifold with the pipe in place but it will be tough to get tools in there.

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    Hey im new too but i have a 95 sl750 and mine i can get to the hole top end with out taking the motor out just take the cooling bar running across the 3 jugs the big exsause tub has 4 on top and two infront of the motor(your going to have to take the fule tank out) the big tube dosent need to come out really just moved out of the way then theres 3 bolts that attach the manifold to the just two at the sides one on the bottem then just the heads and the 4 bolts for the jugs keep in mind im no expert my self and i may be wroung with some details but its how mine was i unfortunetly had to take the motor out its completly apart in my trunk right now i think im going to slightly modify it now that shes apart its the time to do it

    Hope this helps have fun

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    Welcome to the hulk...

    You can change cylinders in the boat. You need to remove the pipe and slide it forward to access the manifold. Download the manual from the tech section.. When torquing the cylinder base make sure you have the exhaust manifold bolted up to clock the cylinder.

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    Thanks! I took a closer look last night and I still had the bracket in place between the engine and the pipe. Pulled the gas tank and then the bracket and I was able to slide the pipe forward enough to get at the manifold bolts.

    I have downloaded the manual but I may have been looking at the wrong section because the engine disassembly procedures all had the engine out of the boat.

    Thanks again!

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    It will only take 1 hour to pull the engine. Lot longer to work around and inside IMHO

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