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Thread: sc rebuild ?

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    sc rebuild ?

    Ok guys I have recently bought a 2005 sportster scic. The dealer said that it was a local trade in that has less than 20 hours on it. The boat is mint and I kinda believe that the hours are low. Anyways My question is about the sc washer failures. I recently searched for a turtorial on the washer replacemant and only found one for the pwc. I feel that it would be pretty simular in design other than less room to work on the pwc's. But when I tried to open the .doc file it would not open. Anyone else having this problem? do I need a certain programme to run it? I feel confident in doing the job. The only thing I really need to know is specs like torque specs and so on. If there is anything that any of you could tell me to help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S I took the boat out and clocked it at 91KMH./ 56.8MPH @ 7900 RPM going against the light wind that we had on our lake. Is this good for a bone stock boat?

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    The is an excellent speed at those RPMs. The only way I was able to see 57mph is when I upgraded the air intake to get the RPMs to 8100.

    The engine, SC, and procedure for changing the washers is exactly the same as a ski. It's pretty easy to move the exhaust and remove the SC, don't know if you've seen these instructions: (I'm able to open it)

    Good advice I can think of:
    1) Go ahead and have a new set of needle bearings ready for under the gear. They're cheap.
    2) Must heat up the SC nut to get it off.
    3) Most important is to make sure that nut goes back on at 22 foot-pounds, and use red loctite. If that nut were to ever fall off, you're going to wish you had welded it on.
    4) You're going to have to make sure the slip is correct before putting it back in:
    5) Check the link to the left "SC Rebuild Service", if it looks like something you'd rather not tackle yourself.

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