Just came back from a week at Table Rock. It rained at least part of every day, and the sun was out only few a few hours. I never put sunscreen on, and I'm fair-skinned. Fortunately, the thunderstorms predicted only materialized one day. The rest of the time was either overcast or light rain. We were bummed at first, but we decided to go riding anyway.

And ya' know what? Rainy days on the lake can be more fun than crowded, sunny days...as long as you've got a wetsuit.

We had the whole lake to ourselves all day long, even in the main channel. No drunk boaters to watch out for! With no wind and no wakes, the A.M. glass lasted all day. With a long-sleeved shorty on, the air and water temps were perfect. We could jump in the water comfortably when we wanted, but didn't need to get off the skis just to cool off. Running flat out (which admittedly is only about 45 on either of our skis) stung our faces at times, so we kept the speeds down for the most part. But it was a hell of a good day on the lake!