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    WTB: coil for SL1050 (97)

    Looking for a coil anyone have a spare they want to part with? We also are going to replace the stator and CDI on this unit but the Stator kit we can get for 343.97 but the coil is the problem. our primary side resistance is .40,.40 and 1.0 the book says we should be .35 any help would be greatly appreciated. PM me or call my cell is 541-771-3330 we live in Central Oregon thanks

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    Looks like your part# 4060153 was used in 1996, 1997, and 1998 SLTX, SL1050, and SL900 engines.

    Have you looked through the Polaris classifieds for skis being parted out, or check with the guys who carry used parts, like John Zigler.

    You can also buy new, from several places.

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    thank you K447 for your reply I will get with John and see if he can help. My son loves the unit so he hates to see it down.

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