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    Differences between 750 ssxi and 750 zxi

    I own a 750 ssxi and would like to know the differences between my ski and a 750 zxi. I know they made both models up to '99 I believe.

    I also have one question: I have been looking for some good ski deals like you read here on these posts. All I run into are people that think thier ski's are worth $$$$$ way over book value. I am looking for some mid 90's around 900 to 1000 cc's in almost any condition. My problem is I am up here in N. Dakota and most of the better deals I have been reading are down south.

    Thanks for any imput.

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    I haven't researched Kawi for a long time but if I remember correctly, the SSxi is a supersport. The ZXi at the time was their musclecraft. My guess is there will be hull differences. The ZXi, which I am familiar with to an extent has a more lowered cut to the top half of the ski, somewhat of sharpened angles and almost pointy tapering down toward the front. The bottom has two very shallow stabilizer keels about 10 inches out from the bottom of the "V" portion of the hull which stretch about 2/3 the length of the hull. I would believe the SSxi would have a longer hull and possibly more flattened out bottom...almost making the "V" look more like a strectched out U. Plus I'm sure the top half of the hull will be somewhat bulky to add comfort for family riding along with a longer seat. I don't know this for sure, but I know how the ZXi's were and because they were the musclecraft in Kawi's line-up for years, they were meant to have more of a racing orientation overall.

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    There are also motor differnces and electronic differcencs although all the parts are interchangeable. Big pin crank, Cases( Where the reeds go to streamline the intake). Heard the port timimg is a little differnt also. ZXI has more HP...

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    I have bought a '95 750 ZXI with a blown motor for $250. The owner dissassembled the motor and put all of the parts in the haul. My brother is picking it up and delivering it to me. I will go through the whole ski this Winter and plan to have her running for next year unless there are major issus with the rest of the parts.

    I will probably be looking for parts soon.

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    xi had dual carbs and trim vrs the ss

    zxi had a lower profile and forward mounted mirrors

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    That thread is a great read. I have it bookmarked. Can someone get one of the mods to sticky it in this sections thread list like the Waverunner History is in the Yamaha Old School section?

    I actually found that Kawi history completely by accident on a Google search.


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    The difference is night & day.

    The ZXi is a lot more stable and fun. It jumps & spins a lot better.

    The SSXi steering/handling changes depending upon how close to being on plane you are. At low speed the boat will roll a lot rather than turn when you turn the bars. As you go faster, you can see the spray shift back, indicating that you're now riding on the flat portion of the hull. At that point, the boat actually turns flat, rather than rolling, when you move the bars.

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