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    1997 SL780 takeoff problem

    It has a SBT motor (~ 30 hours) with the oil injection blocked-off and I mix Wal-mart Super Outboard Motor Oil at 40:1

    My machine generally runs pretty well but a couple of questions

    #1 I need to choke it and feather the throttle to start it after it has been sitting a week. Is this normal? My buddy's old Yamaha fires right up.

    #2 If I am driving around and machine is running great and I stop or hit the kill switch it has a hard time getting going again, (planing out) until the prop gets out of the water and revs up over 5000rpm and then runs fine again until I stop.

    Ideas or adjustments?

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    how do the plugs and domes look (do a search for piston wash) might be running rich and that is causing your bog when you hit the gas

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