Hi, just bought a 1200XL. Ran great but the exhaust alarm would go off at around 35mph pretty consistently. Nothing seems hot. WOT no problem which is weird.Fuel sensor also bugging out indicating low fuel when it is not the case. Wondering if the brains are bad in this thing or what could be causing it? Then the other day while flushing I walked away and the engine shut off. The water backed up but not sure how much. We went out the next day and she ran fine for about an hour. We stopped for about 30 minutes or so and the fuel alarm started going off. Again I had plenty. Tried getting up to speed but she seemed cold and sluggish. Finally she started to clear out a bit but then it came back and we just decided to tow. Does anyone have any suggestions here? I have contacted a few dealerships and they said if the water backed up then I would have seen the problem right away and not been able to ride for an hour. Today we have taken the carbs out to clean. I also did a compression test but not sure if it was correct as I was only reading about 35psi in each. I would think if there was something here I would see a dramatic diference but what is causing the low reading? I mean could they all go bad? What are indications besides compression of a failed cylinder. Maybe a head gasket or maybe just not doing the reading right. My buddy said the other plugs did not have to be in when testing each cylinder. None of the plugs looked bad but the first cylinder did have a little bit of water, just a couple of drops. Dealer also say this is not necessarily a problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I think i'm screwed and will need a new motor. Thanks