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Thread: WHERE to ride?

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    WHERE to ride?

    Hi Guys...

    I'm new to this hobby and been breaking in my new ski for the past few days. I've only been staying in the channel (like regular boats) just crusing around. I know PWC's can go other places besides the channel because they are lighter and can go in water that is more shallow that others. My question is, should you stay in the channel only, or can you go outside? How shallow is too shallow for these PWC's to ride in?

    I just want to be safe when I ride in the bay..

    Currently riding in barnegat bay...

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    dont exactly know what channel you are talking about but the least amount of water i would ride in is about 3' or you risk damage to the prop and wear ring. I have been known to skip accross 18'' depths at full throttle but that is not recomended or advised

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    Go online and research the areas you are boating in, look up online what rules and regulations apply. Also check to see if there is an AWA club in your area so you can hook up with other seasons PWC enthusiasts who can help you along if you desire. Once you identify the launch and riding areas, check in with the local boating law authorities and if you have any other questions, address it directly to them, you can even get a free USCG Auxiliary boater examination of your craft, and also check to see if your area requires any boater identification or classes...the more info you have it will help you, also post more info about the exact location you are referring to as others may be familiar with it. So far you sound like you are doing really good, and taking it easy, but I'm not familiar with the place you named. Sorry!

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    Check in with the Jersey boyzzz..

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