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    xlt 1200 low speed

    xlt runs great at first 60 mph when I take a turn or slow down It will only go about 35 mph, then it would pick back up slowly and kick in to go 60 again
    WHen it was going 35 mph I switch from main fuel to reserve and it started going 60 and it stay there for a while. After some engine work someone recommended to do 50 to 1 with oil injection for the first gas tank. I used some gas with ethanol 10% too. any suggestions????? Thanks

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    The fuel selector might have something to do with it... could also be sticking PV valves or motor....

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    I had a problem with my fuel selector where the engine would stall and die when I would turn sharp. Replacing the valve solved it, it was stuck at on as well so that was another reason to replace.

    Could also be a carb issue, when were the carbs rebuilt last and how many hours do you have on the motor?

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