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    95 700 WaveVenture Sucked Mud/Now Overheating

    I got off course on my waverunner in some unfamiliar water, and ran into some shallow sand/muck flats. PWC got stuck in silt and sand, and I ended up having to rock it and run it pretty hard to get it unstuck. At the time, I saw brown sandy water discharging out the pisser, but it wasn't overheating, or even getting hot at the time.

    Got it free, ran it towards the boat launch in open water for a couple of minutes, and noticed the discharge was running clean so figured everything would be ok.

    Moments later, the main exhaust hose got super hot, as did the muffler, and it started melting the styrofoam around the muffler housing. Then the big exhaust hose blew. The smoke was impressive. I shut it down and it was so hot it was melting the main rubber exhaust hose, and the muffler was sizzling hot.

    Now I've flushed it twice, and back flushed it through the pisser, and even disconnected the hose from the main intake and flushed it that way, but the exhaust is still overheating within moments of riding it.

    Is there sand in the exhaust jacket? I'm wondering if there's any around the cylinder jacket too.

    Aside from maybe a different flushing technique, what can I do to get this sand out of my engine/exhaust? How bad of a job is it, and does anyone know of any shortcuts.

    I'm relatively new to this machine, so any and all suggestions are surely welcome.


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    if you've flushed and water is coming out of the pisser then it's likely the exhaust, though it doesn't eliminate the cylinder jackets.
    I don't think there is an easy way.

    If it were mine, I'd pull out the waterbox 1st and look at it. If it's clear then pull the head off and look at he jackets. If that's OK, pull of the entire exhaust.

    I hope someone else has a better idea, because that's a bit of work and a few new gaskets. Either way if it got hot enough to blow the exhaust pipe off I'd pull the head anyway to see of anything went south.

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    I don't know if that has a similar set up to my 1990 WR 650 but I had a similar problem and found the inlet hose to be plugged with sand. The hose that clogged on mine was about the size of a 3/8" fuel hose and plugged in underneath the engine by the starter motor. There are pics in my thread as well. Hopefully that helps you some.


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    i just had the same thing happen on my gp760 at the end of the exhaust rig before the water box there is a spacer with holes in it to let the water that cools the exhaust come out. the holes get clogged and the ehaust overheats pull the exhuast and make sure water isnt getting stopped by the holes being clogged. there should be a steddy flow of water comming out the exhaust pipe if not this is the problem

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