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    Jared of Oklahoma
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    Oklahoma City

    Anyone in the OKC area want to make some extra money?

    Im not to far from Oklahoma City. I need someone to rebuild the topend of my Kawasaki 900ZXI. possibly rebuild the carbs and basicly go through the ski and get it up to par. I also have several other skis that may need work as well. I would do this myself but as my wife puts it "I have way too many unfinished projects"

    I do not want someone who does not know what they are doing. I need quality work and need it done within a reasonable time so maybe I can ride this thing again before it gets to cold for a wetsuit.

    Please PM me if you are interested in doing this work.

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    I just had the topend rebuilt on my 1999 1200xl limited motor by Jerry at PWC repair in OKC. Compared to a reman engine he was cheap, might check it out.

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    Another good place would be Dr. Doos. I had them build a 1300 for me once. Did a decent job.

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    Why does it need a top end build? When are you wanting it done by?

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    Jared of Oklahoma
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    Oklahoma City

    thanks for the advice guys

    Hey guys thanks for the advice.

    In answer to ThesePaperWings- Im not really in a big hurry. I have about 10 psi on the front cylinder and 110 on the other two. I suspect thatI have ring issues. I have not removed the head so Im not sure. I hope it is just the top end and not any issues with the crank. I would like to get it done and ready for next season. I would like to remove the engine from the hull for the rebuild. That way I can clean the inside of the hull, replace all the fuel lines and some of the suspect wiring. I also plan to rebuild the pump and just give it a good going over. I had the hull repainted recently and it looks good other than needing new Turf.

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