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    Diesel running on veggtable oil

    I remember saying in a thread that some old diesels are able to run on cooking oil when a fuel converstion is done to them. People were really interested in how and i finally found the article that one of the teachers at my school wrote on it (it was hard to find because i havnt had him yet). He has done about 4 of these that run very well but keep in mind this is a high maintence set up but if done right can save you a shit load of money. Hes currentley working on a converstion for these old diesels to run on used motor oil.

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    Been doing that for the last 4 years. Haven't been to a gas station with my truck since diesel was $1.89 gallon. 140,000 miles on WVO so far. I use home brew biodiesel to start and stop each day with. Also use nothing but biodiesel in my boat with twin 300hp diesels, about 200 gallons per month.
    This is nothing new, any diesel can be made to run off a varity of "fuels" including cooking oil, motor oil, trans fluid, hydraulic oil, ect... Actually Rudolf Diesel the original inventor of the diesel engine designed it to run off of peanut oil. It was only later that people found it would also run off a waste fuel that was much cheaper. After a while people started calling this waste fuel "diesel fuel" after the engine that could actually use it.


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    I know its nothing new. I was just posting up the article to give people here the basic idea of how its done due to everyone's curiosity when i was talking about it a couple months earlier.

    Matt K

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    when rudolf diesel originally invented the diesel engine it was supposed to run on vegetable oil and such. as a matter of fact he ran his first one off of peanut oil. how ever diesel fuel is much more abundant and easy to come by so they used that instead.

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