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Thread: Water Leak

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    Water Leak

    So I replaced the wear ring that I trashed and needless to say it went much smoother than I expected once I got remenants of the old ring out. Went to the lake sunday and everything was fine for a couple of hours. Then I noticed water in the hull and ALOT of it. I immediatley took it ashore and drained it out and everything seemed fine. Take it back out with the seat off and at idle it seems no water leak that I can see however when I took off I noticed that I was taking on water again but I cant really seem to tell from where. After pulling the ski out of the lake I notice the protection boot on the vts is ripped but other than that nothing. Would the boot allow water in??? The driveshaft and boots were replaced last summer and I have rode the ski quite a bit with no problem such as this. Any ideas???????

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    have you moved/ replaced the motor? you might be out of alignment. Check to see if you have a broken motor mount. Wiggle the motor and see if there is movment.

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    good there...motor seems solid and it hasnt been out. Could the boot on the trim rod allow water in???It is definetley ripped

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    You guys go for the gold... When you assembled the pump and put the nozzle on did you check for the bailer Orings. Leave them off and the bailers dont work or can even flow into the Ski. Also What Year and model ski? Some need to be sealed were the nipples come through the hull.. If the Boot it torn it will let water into the vts and ruin the motor but if the cover is on inside correctly it will keep the water in the vts. Fix the boot. but you have another issue
    Parts#23,35and 18 can cause water in the hull

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    I will check all that...the cover is broken on the vts on front and it was ruined anyways so I guess the water could be coming in there. I will check the bailers this weekend

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    Water will enter when the boot is ripped, that's the purpose of the boot being there... But the balers should keep up with it. So if you sat in the water with the engine off for extended times, this might be your only problem.

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    It definetley sat for about an hour and a half and that is when I noticed it. I will replace the boot and hopefully that will fix my problem

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    Water Leak

    I am new to the forum and have found a lot of great information. I am having a similar problem with my 96xp. I just took it out last weekend, and it starting taking on a lot of water while it was beached. Can you tell me what boot you are talking about??


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    the boot

    I am refering to the boot on the trim rod where it goes thru the hull next to the jet pump. Not sure on an XP how it works but I think it is the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by pre64 View Post
    good there...motor seems solid and it hasnt been out. Could the boot on the trim rod allow water in???It is definetley ripped
    Yes, It will.

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