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    A kit-R, Green Wheel SC impeller Question.

    Okay anybody run this?? If so any ideas what kind of boost it would make at 7550 rpm? Does anybody know what boost a green wheel makes at 7550 rpm?

    Thanks, Dylan

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    One think you have to consider is you have a GTX (185 hp) which has a 17 tooth supercharger gear. Your supercharger is not spinning as fast as a RXP or RXT supercharger is so comparing boost at 7550 on a RXP/T will not be comparing apples/apples on your ski.

    Stock boost on your ski is around 5 psi at 7550. You would probably see around 8 psi with a green charger impeller.

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    Okay, i know the boost isnt the same I think i read somewhere that is like 7% less then the 215s... But im not 100 on that. Thanks

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    Can i run a s3, c4, or c5 charger on my ski safely? I am worried that when i upgrade my ski I will lose my reliability.

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