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    Triton elite trailer lights

    Does anyone know of replacement lights for a triton elite PWC 2 place trailer? Oval, sealed light with grommet, triton PN 35326 I saw some truck-lite pictures that looked close, but wasn't sure.

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    They are standard ovals used on big trucks. I just replaced my ovals, 3 centers and the 2 outside with led's. About $100. I also ordered the 4 rectangle ambers in led's too. I used all clear lens led's that light up the correct color. Looks cool!!

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    Like Haulin said they are just standard lights used for many trailer/truck applications...... I would also suggest the LED route, I changed every single light on my trailer to a sealed LED, no more blown/broken bulbs, draws less current and looks much better not to mention I think it makes you more visible.

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    Try this site...if they don't have it, you don't need it!

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    I get my replacement parts from

    Specialty Watercraft 561-748-9424

    Ask for Jackie. They stock everything.

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    I get all my parts from Tritons main office.

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