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    03 msx 140 slower than expected

    well I just bought a 03 msx 140 is really good shape 65 hrs. Had starter problems. checked compression all good, removed motor, cleaned fuel tank, checked all wire connections and greased all connectors , replaced bendix and starter, did normal pm, replaced theromstat, plugs (pzfr6h)
    serviced pump, brgs etc. (pump clearence good)
    Almost runs great but tops out right at 56 mph at 6750 rpm. gps around 55 mph. seems a little slow. (my brother on a 96 seadoo xp can beat me!!) I'm getting a slight intermediate skip every now and then when running a steady rpm.
    I'm omc master certified so I understand about the ficht DI.
    I've checked the injector voltage, capicator, and all the stator outputs. everthing is within the expected range,
    I suspect the tps which I have on the way, see what happens.

    Does anyone have any idea where I can get my hands on the software for this pwc??
    Anyone ever tried omc ficht software??

    Thanks for any help

    btw take it easy on me. first post, great site!!
    I have 2- 2000 polaris 700 virage that will almost keep up with it idle to wide open then only slightly pulls away.

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    Hi thunder WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!

    The 118-122HP MSX 140 never did better than 58MPH when new, 55 is probably pretty normal with a worn impeller and/or some dirty injectors.
    Remember the 04 has been refined (engine and hull) and 35-40 pounds lighter than the 03 which runs between 57-59MPH.

    Install a 6 degree wedge, adjust the TPS as near to 100% as possible and an 04 ride plate, you'll get roughly 2-3MPH.

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    what impeller would make a good replacement? A little worn


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    The stock impeller is a GREAT choice for the MSX. When adding even up to a total of 240HP the stock impeller can still be massaged with EXCELLENT results.

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