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    "94 750SLT Help!!!

    Greetings, I have a 94 slt 750. Last year had carbs gone thru. They say replaced reed cages etc. Ski has always had problems with taking off. Pull choke and away it goes usually. Anyways, had it out on river 3 weeks ago, was running rough. Water plug for hose had blown off, so there was water in the eng. comp. Drained, & ran good rest of day. Day 2, ran abot 60% for 1/2 day. Seemed to be starving for gas. Then it ran decent all a sudden for rest of day. Now, ready to go to river again. Just got my 12f kawi back. Checking Polaris & wont start. No gas going down carbs. Bypassed filters, still no joy. Are these carbs always a hassle? I like this ski the best. It is the funnest one to ride. Im just frustrated with all the probs. Any ways, fuel pump seems (key word-seems) to be working. Return line clear. Fires right up w/ carb cleaner shot to venturies. No Fuel. What do ya think? Thank you!!! & have fun!!

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    Start at the beginning:

    Check for clear pick up tube in the gas tank.

    Check hoses for kinks or blockage.

    Check in line filters for blockage.

    Check fuel selector valve for restriction.

    Check water seperator.

    Inspect/rebuild the fuel pump internals.

    Inspect the pulse line for blockage.

    Check internal filters inside the carbs.

    Check reeds (PTO specificly) for damage.

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