PWC owner:
Crackdown good
Regarding the Aug. 19 article, "Police crack down on watercraft renters/9 area businesses cited for total of 64 violations":
I am part of a group of personal watercraft owners, and we enjoy ourselves every weekend. We all have been to class for water safety and have certifications to prove it. We have invested large sums of money in our sport for our PWCs and registrations and safety equipment. We are legally on the waterways and obey all safety rules. Anyone on a PWC must take the safety course for their own safety as well as the safety of others. Inexperienced riders should be supervised and cordoned off to an area where they can be monitored.
It's about time the Marine Police took action. It should have come as no surprise to the rental company that the law was being disregarded. Next time, let's not wait unit August to remind them.

Atlantic City NJ