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    15f skat auto-trim nozzle kit

    is anyone running the skat nozzle kit with a wedge and the rd plate or diff combo with it ?

    also, does it include the interchangeable nozzle rings ?

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    the skat auto drop nozzle kit is not the best quality. the same can be said regarding the skat magnum pump for the 15f.

    strizki had a lot of problems with his skat setup. he spent a lot of $$ and bought the entire setup including drive shaft...

    1. it blew/sheared the cooling fittings off the pump and his 15f overheated.
    2. the nozzles bolt to ears on the pump and they bend, then need to be re-tapped at a different angle - big pain in the ass.
    3. nozzle rings can dissapear easily.
    4. pump seals are not great and allow water to enter bearing cavity from the intake side of the pump (behind impeller).

    if you read about the original factory race 15F's they actually use a riva yamaha drop nozzle setup (not sure from what model).

    the auto drop does include interchangeable rings - watch out, you can loose them - put a little silicone between the ring and the nozzle before installing. loctite that set screw too.

    the auto drop can be set to be normally in a 'trim up' mode and then trim down when you turn - so i do not think you need a wedge with the auto drop.

    btw: long sweeping turns are more difficult with the drop nozzle as the nose will constantly want to dive and the ski will want to turn. fine tuning the amount of drop will prob take care of this issue - but most who install the drop nozzle want maximum drop for aggressive turns.

    why do you want the auto drop? are you going to race?

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