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    Coffman XPL pipe for sale.

    I have a brand new, never used, Coffman pipe for sale. The stinger has been enlarged to 43mm, the manifold adapter has been shortened and taper bored. No silicone coupler.... but that is nothing. This pipe is BRAND NEW.
    Also included is a manifold, tapped for EGT probes, that has been shortened and bored out, sanded smooth, and matched to the adaptor. It includes manifold bolts / nut and, I think 4 gaskets (if not more) that were matched up to the bore. Never been used since the work was done to it.

    One last piece, a new, never used, 13/19 XPL prop. It was re-worked by Dave at Impros.

    It is all a matching combo and I won’t separate it, so please don’t ask. Louis Malone did all the work
    I’m selling all my stuff and am working on getting all pics up on one web site.

    $1100.00 3% if using paypal + shipping. The manifold work was $350.00.
    Email [email protected]
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