Two people survive personal water craft explosion

Reported by: John Thomas
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Last Update: 8/25 9:13 pm

Jet ski accident injures two

CLEARWATER, FL -- Tiffany Davis' legs are scarred with cuts and scrapes and she is now on crutches. The injuries are the end result of what could have been the end for 16 year old Tiffany and her 19 year old sister Heather.

With the help of her brother Geoffrey Davis, Tiffany who is deaf, told us what happened on Sunday when she and her sister were stopped on the water by a Sheriff's Deputy in Clearwater for not having their life jackets while riding a personal water craft.

Things apparently went horribly wrong when they tried to re-start the ski. Tiffany told us she actually remembers being blown off the ski.

Deputy Richard Bennett who stopped the girls, was holding the ski as they tried to restart it. He described it as "just like a bomb going off" and that he was blinded at first.

From the shore, Tiffany's sister's fiancé Chris Parrott saw the girls still on the seat shooting up 15 feet into the air on what he said was a ball of flames as the ski disintegrated.

Deputy Bennett managed to pull the girls onto his sheriff's boat as their water craft burned and sank. He also mentioned, given the fact they were not wearing life jackets, they were lucky he was there and not killed as a result of the blast and landing in the water.

As for Tiffany, she says she probably will ride a jet ski again but next time she is definitely going to wear a life jacket.

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