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    FS 2006 RXP stage 2

    For sale: Red and black 06 RXP with extended warranty till july 09.

    5-6 hours on ski, not even broken in yet.

    a/m parts: piranha intercooler, thru-hull exhuast, opas block offs, riva intake grate, a-kit s/c, solas 15/20r impeller, solid front motor mount, custom 4 inch intake. probably a few other things that i can't think of, but thats the gist of it.

    Runs real good, for not even being broken in yet. 75mph on gps with just a short wot burst. probably more mph to be found with a little prop tweeking, and skegs and rideplate holes filled

    9500 obo

    located in arlington va

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    Price Drop to 8500!

    This ski is the closest thing to brand new you can get. Less than 5 hours, fresh water only! You arent going to find a ski like this with these mods and this clean with no salt water use. I hate to sell it but am hurting for cash.

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