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    parts needed for turbod rxp???

    hi as above im going to hopefully start gatting parts to build a turbod rxp in the near future probably over winter and am really after all necesary parts to safely run a turbo.
    im not after crazy hp or crazy high will be ridden 85% in the sea and be wave jumping the odd drag race and bhoy course racing although only for fun due to really just like summit that pulls alot arder low down and maintains that through rev range.
    soany parts il need please post and what type works best etc.thanks in advance im aming for 320-330hp
    1 turbo?id prefer an internal gated unit or s extenal better?any specs?
    2 manifold and exhaust any one reccomend any or better getting custom made?
    3 fuel system.rrfpr,bigger injectors do i need an upgraded ecu?
    4 better intake
    5 bigger and better intercooler any ideas?
    6 any engine mods needed?valve train upgrade etc?

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    I mite be corrected but for wave jumping and low down punch i think the SC is much better than the turbo route. It takes a bit on any turbo setup to get goin but then will fly by on top end. My 0.2 R88

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    Quote Originally Posted by R88ory RXP View Post
    I mite be corrected but for wave jumping and low down punch i think the SC is much better than the turbo route. It takes a bit on any turbo setup to get goin but then will fly by on top end. My 0.2 R88

    that was my views on wave jumping etc aswell but a few people on hear have recomended the turbo set-up over s-c even wave jumping as there making strong boost fairly low down the rev range as opossed to the s-c.not that you need much anyway if not id just use another ski lol.

    off topic hows your going?any more on uk mudbug lol?

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    copied from an old post

    this is an old post from greenhulk... should help you out a lil bit..

    if you search " i tested the turbo kit today" you will find about 1000 posts on a set up used on the rxp... good luck

    When i first got out on the water i had the boost controller screwed all the way down. Made about 9 pounds of boost at 7600 RPM's. Keep in mind the 15.5/22.5 monster pitch impeller was installed.

    Once i got the boost controller set to 18 PSI the ski came to life, but RPM's were still short at around 8200. Backed the controller out a hair more and got 19-20 PSI and RPM's were 8360 and the ski was just ripping my arms off. Incredible acceleration! AFR with the rising rate fuel pressure regulator was perfect at 11.6 - 11.9
    This is running the Riva ECU and 50# injectors.
    My hats off to Les Cooke for making such a wonderful pressure regulator. It just simply replaces the stock regulator on the top of the tank. Set it to 60 PSI when you plug the lanyard in and thats it. Done! Just set it and forget it

    I did play around with the boost controller some more and got 21 PSI out of it and the AFR jumped to 12.2 - 12.4. So basicly i found out where the Riva ECU, 50# injectors and rising rate regulators limits were.

    Now, for those wanting to get crazy on boost and need more fuel delivery you simply install 55# injectors and then set your rising rate fuel pressure regulator to around 54 PSI when you plug the lanyard in. This keeps the AFR lean enough down low and will provide the extra fuel delivery you need up top. You would probably be able to run 24-25 PSI boost doing it this way and the AFR still be in the high 11's at WOT.

    Now, at my current rate of boost (19-20 PSI) my RPM's are capped at 8360. I have the option of overcoming the RPM's by increasing boost or depitching the impeller 1.5 mm on the trailing edge. Since my goal here was to build a reliable bolt on high 80 mph ski that runs on 93 octane pump gas i will just deptich the impeller to get the R's up. Trust me, at 20 PSI this thing is a monster. It's definitely no longer a toy so please be careful!!!

    I consistantly ran high 85's at 8360 RPM's with 3/4 tank or more fuel level with a peak of 85.8 of which i hit numerous times. Depitching the impeller and getting my RPM's up to 8500-8550 should bring on 87+ mph speeds. I don't even have the skegs installed yet

    All in all im extremely satisfied with this setup. The only change i would like to make is to install an electronic boost controller. That way when Carey goes to get on the ski i can turn the boost down a couple of pounds
    Seriously, this ski is a handful at these boost levels. I would hate to see her get hurt.

    There is some lag coming out of the hole, but only for a second...... then.... the ski is GONE!!!! This RXP will easily out accelerate my GPRXP

    I highly recommend to anyone wanting to do a turbo and will be bumping boost up to the 18-20 PSI range to run a Riva ECU. The Riva ECU maintains knock control which is extremely important on these high boost setups and it will also back out timing as boost increases, as it should.

    I guess i'll depitch the impeller and go back out for some more testing tomorrow. I'll keep you guys posted

    Just a recap on what mods this ski has

    Riva ECU with 50# injectors
    Rising rate fuel pressure regulator
    Riva valvetrain upgrade
    Riva pro series intercooler (stickems) turbo kit
    Riva grate
    Riva wedge with VTS holeshot rod
    Riva adjustable venturi with 79 mm Skat Trak ring
    Riva SS wear ring
    Piranha Parts front engine mount
    Skat 15.5/22.5 impeller
    Race Engineering OPAS blockoffs

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    thanks mate

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