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    2002 gp 1200 bog issue

    Hey, its been a long time since I really been here and working on skis, but my friend has asked me for help on his gp 1200. It has a very bad low end bog all the way up 4,000rpm. At idle if you punch the gas it stalls, it will do this at any rpm under 4,000. The ski it totally stock as well, it seemed to be running a little hot as well, could not touch exhaust,(whats the normal temp?) even the plastic cover over the exhaust was almost untouchable. I am going to start with carbs (cleaning), but any other ideas would be appreciated

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    Mid range lean out issue.. Don't push it you"ll burn a piston..

    Dirt, salt, sand or anything got into carbs..

    Either the little filter inside carbs is clogged or accelerator pump is not spraying enough fuel into carbs #1 & 3..

    Low & High screws dirty or dirty needles & seats.

    Have carbs rebuilt top to bottom & never reuse gaskets.

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    Or clogged fuel filter. Definitely running lean due to heat.

    It isn't supposed to get that hat...

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    The cat is clogged or broken off and plugging the exhaust. Pull the pipe and get a look, don't run it until you do. Throw it out and put a D plate in it.

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    This is a typical symptom of the power valve servo motor not working properly do a search and you will see what I mean.

    No power to 4-5K rpm's then runs like a raped ape? Power valve motor.

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    thanks for all the help here, I am just about to start working on the carbs today and I will let everyone know how they look. What is the stock pop off presure for the gp 1200? Has anyone run this ski without the water box to see if that is part of the issue? thanks again for all the help

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