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    Stud repair in hull of GPR

    I would like to know what is the best apoxy that I can use to reglue my studs for my ride plate in.
    I have some replacements studs made out of 80/20 with a support between them, to help support the torque. I just need to know how to get the crap that's on it now off, and what to glue it back down with...

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    I use a heat gun and heat the epoxy up until it's bubbling, then chisel it off. If the insert's stilll attached screw a bolt partway in, then hit the bolt with a hammer and board from under the ski once the epoxy's bubbling. If you're lucky the insert will take all the epoxy with it when it comes loose.

    For gluing down reinforcement brackets I just use 5200 slow cure. Make sure to clean, scuff, clean the surface well before applying.


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