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    Can I cut the bell off the exhaust manifold?

    Its getting in the way of my 02 sensor pickup. I don't see the reason for the bell after the v-band clamp, other than maybe direct exhaust flow. Anyone know weather or not I can do this?

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    I dont think so because when people have run lean and melted there exhaust bell off, it causes the flexible joint to over heat and leak exhaust fumes into the ski. The idea of the bell is to protect the flex joint on the j pipe and make sure the hot gasses get into the jacketed part of the exhaust with out melting anything. My 0.2 any ways R88

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    With my 08 though there is no flexible part, no j-pipe. I just remembered I have a manifold with a dented bell, sounds like a perfect candidate. I'm going to try it. I have an 02 sensor, so I'll know if I'm running lean..

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