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    Polaris 99 SLTH has a weak spark i think. Bought the ski with blown motor and reinstalled a new one. Noticed that inside the electric box that the black wire coming from battery was cut. So I reconected it. I've been having a time trying to get this thing to run ( NO SPARK). So I ordered the update kit which just got here today. Exact same part #'s as the ignition update that is on the ski already. So the ignition has already been updated. Read the instructions on how to put this thing in and they say to make sure the ground wire from battery going to elec box is cut. I'm thinking oh shit - I probably just screwed the stator up. So before installing the new kit I disconected the ground from battery to elec box. Now I get spark every time but it is faint. If you're not looking for it you'll miss it.
    Should I be able to DEFINTELY notice spark?

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    ALSO, I have a new AGM battery fully charged. Shows 13v and 11.8v When cranking.

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    the spark plug booties...................unscrew them off and snip about 3/16 to 1/4 inch off the end of the spark plug wire to expose new wire. grab each spark plug boot and clean them out at each end with electrical cleaner with a small bladed screw driver. get them spotless and scraped/scratched well..................screw back on the booties to the wire and see if that betters the spark................................

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