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    Yamaha SUV Motor swap to newer 4 stroke


    I am new to this forum & to the Idea of Modifying my ski so please donít be offended if my question is remedial. I have a 2000 Yamaha SUV. I am a photographer & use the ski for a shooting platform. The hours are clocking up on the old 2 stroke motor & I am Lustfully wondering if it is possible to put a newer 140 - 160 HP Yamaha 4 Stroke HO motor in my SUV??? If it were possible what would be some of my obstacles?? What would it require? About how much?? Am I looking at?? Is there a better choice than a Yamaha motor in a Yamaha ski?? Any thoughts or insight would be greatly appreciated!

    Does any one know of any motor changes made to a Yamaha SUV????

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    Those are the two most pertinent conversion threads to your question.

    First off I am going to ask, is the SUV three cylinder 2 stroke? If so I think the motor mounts are a direct sawp to the newer 4-stroke Yamaha motors. you will just need the electronics and a modded drive shaft.

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    The SUV has the older style 65U motor in it. This would require some relocation for the 140 or 160 motor. Plus a lot of work installing fuel system electrical exhaust etc. The only person so far who has tackled this ski is Rapidacelleration with the Seadoo motor

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    when you say a lot of work how much are we talking?? Where can I buy a FXHO 140 motor? Carbs, Exhaust, electrical wiring, etc.. About how much $$ (rough ballpark) to complete this conversion???


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    Best thing to find is a wrecked ski it has everything in it.

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