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    Difference Between 3" to 4" intake??

    Just swapping out a 3" intake system to a home made 4" one what r the differences in speed? Im about to put an X charger on my 06 RXP with a bunch of other mods...Can I run my Riva 3" one or do I have to run a 4" to no starve the s/c? If there no real major difference in speed why bother? Whats the difference in speed n rpm people r seeing over the 3" riva kit?

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    If you run a high boost sc then it needs the 4 inch to feed enough air to it. I would highly reccomend it. It is hard to put a speed number for the mod as you then pick up rpms with sc and intake mod which then depending on how you use the new rpm with proper pitch on prop to give you the new mph.
    I would guess that if you take a Rude charger and run a 3 inch compared to 4 inch you would see significant boost number differences. I never ran 3 inch so i cant say.

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    I'm finishing up some airflow work, so once I crunch the numbers you'll see the difference....

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    Id say about a 1" difference.......

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    Actually, the 3" hose is around 7 sq. inches and the 4" hose is around 12.5 sq. inches, or it's 56% larger... Ron

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    When I did my 4" intake ran up front I noticed it ran the same with seat on or off. I dont think I picket up any RPM or MPH, but seemed that the throttle had a better response overal. WIth the stage 3 or higher it is a better idea to use 4" to get the most out of the SC.
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