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    Post your pictures of the Nashville Nationals 2008

    Friday was a good day. It's going to get even better, Enjoy, I've got to get to the lake this morning and I rushed to get these to you. I made a mistake and the pics are taged with watercraftchallenge, they are not. They are pics of the Nationals 2008, whooo ya! Won't let that happen again. . .


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    Great Pics Tony!!!

    Thanks for posting them! I wish I could of made it this wknd. Nashville is always fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RXPBeast View Post
    Great Pics Tony!!!

    Thanks for posting them! I wish I could of made it this wknd. Nashville is always fun!
    Here is some of Saturday. I think you "guys" will like this one and Sunday only get better.

    What a great time! Oh and how about Trace Mills and family coming out and cheering us all on. Thanks Mills Family!

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    Sunday at the Nationals.

    I raced on Sunday, I only took pictures here and there in between motos.

    Not many race pictures. So sorry. . . . Until next time. . . . Remember Orlando, Cypress Gardens is coming up!!!!!!!!!

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    Whare are Danielle Gavagni's pictures?

    I keep looking, and nothing yet. Your pictures always Rock!

    Still Waiting . . . . .

    Great pictures of all the ski classes from Don.

    my pictures are at
    Don Morningstar

    Slippery - REDLINEOIL - ScottUSA - MarinePowerSports - ADARacing - ScienceFormulas - SkatTrak - UMI - FactoryPipe
    My 2008 Team; Andrew & Ryan Morningstar, Andrew Harris, Rick Sherker, Josh Block, Ben Swanson
    Consisting Of Regional, National & World Champions

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    Nice pictures Tony !

    How did you finish ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VW-ONE View Post
    Nice pictures Tony !

    How did you finish ?

    I had a bad first Moto 8 and second was 5; put me 8th over all Expert 1200 limited and 7 in the Nation High Points. Still had a great time and all my sponsors were very supportive.

    Big thanks to all of them! Amy had my skis at every race. Even the races I didn't make, Amy Green and Kenny Sims were the best!

    I hope to do much better at Worlds; I had a lot of bad luck during the national series, missed Rochester and Harbor Beach due to a one week stay in the Hospital. Think I may have finished top 5 could I have made those two races.

    Thanks for asking Bud and good luck to you,


    PS: You sure you don't need someone to open up that beast ski of yours. WFO, baby. .

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    AHHHH...Yes I remembers Skippys Happy HELMET!!!


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    Ya well you drove across county with a TeamMoto sticker on your TRUCK. Did you get a pic of it?

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