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    04 RXP buy offer.

    I have a chance to buy an 04 RXP. yellow and black for $6,800 with an aluminum trailer. I have not asked him what he has done to it but it has virtually no hours on it and is most likely stock. Is this a good price for this? I know that I need to ask about the washer issue but is there anything else with this model that I need to look out for?
    thanks in advance all!

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    If it has bellow 35 hours then that isn't to bad of a price.
    I say this because I have found them in the $4500-$5500 range with some abuse and a lot more hours.
    Make sure to ask if it has had any major repairs at the dealer. EVEN WITH LOW hours. We have seen SCer failures in as few as 1-5 hours.
    I would offer him $5800 cash to start if it is in Great shape and truely low hours.


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