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    New Polaris Ignition From Watcon No Spark

    I got my ignition update from Randy at Watcon friday. Installed it and still no spark. My older setup (which was an update) gave me more spark and hope than this one. The new ignition is a setup for 03 - 04 Freedom & Virage 700 twin. Mine is a 99 SLTH 700 twin. I'm sure the newer systems will work and are interchangeable for mine and I'm sure Randy knows what he sent me will work. Here's the deal though. The stator sent to me had the 8 pin connector and the gromet for it that comes out of the engine is square. This would not work for mine as I have the old circular gromet and and no 8 pin plug. So what I did was cut the 8 pin off and slide square gromet off and slide my round one from the old system back. Where the 8 pin was - I spliced the old bullet connectors to the new stator (splicing is a temp fix until I solder - just to see if I can get some spark). So I spliced and no spark.
    I have tested the stator and all checks out to spec from the 03 manual except for one test on the hall effect.
    STATOR BROWN to STATOR GREY. Manual says to connect red lead to stator brown and black lead to stator grey. I did this and got O.L. But when I switched the leads I got 1,800 ohms (manual says >100k ohms). Could the manual be mistaken as to what lead to connect from ohmeter?
    The 9v battery test of Stator Hall Effect show resistance on green & red wires while slowly turning flywheel to be 4.5 -19.5 ohms varying on both wires. This is good right. Would like to add that when I would spin the flywheel over a resistance point and stop it right on that point. Resistance read 108 ohms on both wires. Probably doesn't mean anything because manual doesn't mention testing like this.
    Stator Black to Engine Ground = 0 ohms - perfect
    Stator Black to Stator Purple = 5.6 ohms- manual says 5.5 ohms
    Stator Yellow to Stator Red/Purple = .75 ohms - perfect
    Stator Red/Grn/Gry to Stator Black = O.L. - perfect
    Stator Red/Grn to Stator Grey = O.L. - perfect
    Battery (static) 12.9v (cranking) 11.8v
    Brown from CDI while cranking = 9v
    Red/pur to CDI = 12.89v
    yellow = no resistance

    I have a NEW AGM BATTERY and all wires are connected to the terminal board on all the right color coded slots. Fuses are good.
    I've read about the orange red purple jumper wire. Could this be my problem. Not sure if I'm supposed to install for my craft.
    Also since I have an 03 -04 ignition - Would I have to get a newer flywheel. My flywheel looks great also.
    Sorry for the long winded explanation.

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    Which manual are you referring to for the stator test specs? Be sure it applies to the updated ignition (2000 and later?), not the stock original.

    I think all CDI ignitions are supposed to have the Red/Purple wire from the CDI connected to the Orange terminal. Make sure you have 12 volts on the Orange wire when the engine is cranking, AND make sure you have the safety lanyard in place.

    Check that the CDI itself is properly grounded.

    Brown to grey wire resistance test - I am not sure if the resistance value is at all important. I think it depends what model of meter you use.

    Attached is the test connections for Hall Effect sensor tests.

    The meter reading is supposed to go from very high resistance (infinite or nearly so) to very low ohms (under 25 ohms) at the sensor trigger position. The exact value is not important, what is important is the sharp change from high resistance to low resistance at the trigger point.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    I used the 03 manual.
    when spinning the flywheel the resistance would measure. 0 until I came to a resistance point and the most that I got out of it was about 19.5 ohms and I never saw anything that represented infinite. I read somewhere that the ground wire needed to be grounded to do the test.
    Also I did the test as discribed in 03 manual. I didn't realize what infinite was until now. So the hall effect test is botched.
    Any thoughts,

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    Never mind Im an idiot. never read 0 on resistance it read O.L.

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    Exclamation Ignition Help!!!!!

    SO stator checks out. CDI is grounded to main ground screw through stator ground on same screw in the electrical box. Cut ground wire coming into box from battery as update instructions say to. I guess the stator grounds entire electrical box. CDI has power going in and out. Only thing I haven't done is connect the red/purple CDI wire to orange spade. That shouldn't be the problem for this thing not starting though.
    Anybody have anymore ideas

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    Safety lanyard is in place under the Stop switch?

    Black/Yellow wire is properly hooked up inside the electrical box?

    Black/Yellow wire to the CDI should not be grounded when lanyard is in place. Grounding the Black/Yellow wire will kill the spark (which is what the lanyard switch does when you pull the lanyard out).

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    Black/yellow wire was grounded even w/lanyard in place. Disconnected black/yellow wire to CDI and still get not even half of a spark. I did however cut the red/pur wire from breaker to CDI and connected it to the orange spade and got only 8.5 volts coming off. The only time I can get 12v off of orange terminals is when I run the bilge. I reconnected red/pur back to original place. Still NO SPARK

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    Oh yeah, I do get 12v off of red/pur.

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    Both black/yellow wires are constantly grounded. To switch and CDI. With lanyard on or lanyard off.

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    polaris problem

    I have put several of randys update kits on triple and twin engines! Can you post some pics on here to view I think you have a wire on wrong. Especially when you are talking about red/purple wires that is your main juice wire and if you have it hooked up wrong it will never run.


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