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    Are you ****ing Kidding me?

    So, as many of you know I just finished my rebuild after seizing a crank bearing, cracking my crankcase, and ruining all 3 jugs and pistions in the process. I pretty much replaced the entire engine, all in all cost me around 1700. I had about 5 hours on the rebuild, and aside from a little vibration for a miss engine alignment all seemed good. I posted pics of my wash, consesus was that I was running kinda rich - awesome I thought.

    So here I am today riding for about 20 minutes. I decide to get a nice WOT run in. After about 20 seconds of woting, I hear a strange noise, I let off, and the noise sounds worse, I instantly turn the engine off. I'm not like shit, I squeeked a piston. Upon tearing the ski down, I find that I seized yet ANOTHER crank bearing on the brand new crank. WTF?

    Anyway, I'm getting the ski running this time and trading it in instantly. I'm either getting a 4 stroke, or a bike. I'm done with this shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryanbgb22 View Post

    I find that I seized A QUALITY SBT crank bearing on the brand new SBT crank.

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    CEN Bering is shot, has about a 1/8-1/4" of play in it, and was siezed. Worked some oil into it and ran a compression test. 160/90/160... Insane compression on the MAG and PTO, CEN is down 1/2" of travel, so its down some compression...

    It does start, but i dont see the lack of bering lasting longer than 5-10 mins. Probably leaning towards 30+ seconds of runtime.

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    If its an SBT crank, return it under the warrenty. Rebuild the ski, then ditch it!!! Im ditching my polaris for an sxr800 this ealry up comming spring.

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    How do I go about collecting the warrenty. I bought the crank bnib from a member her, but do not have any reciept/bill of sale.

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    Maybie they will cover it under warranty?
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    buuuuuuuuuuut, they wont

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    lean conditions lead to piston seizure,not crank failure.the domestic cranks are very oil to cen piston???would seize first,crank would probably be o'kay,odds are it was a junk crank

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    Lower connecting rod bering was siezed, and looks like it got real hot.

    I suppose it could have been a junk bering that got hot and siezed while burning off the oil in the area...

    That should be covered under warranty. But even then, its likely going to fail in 10 hours again.
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    the cycle

    lets say the bearings junk,it gets hot starts coming apart,seeing as how the air moves thru the crankcase first,bearing fragments would be pushed to the piston top,there they would do the damage seen.

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