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    Trailer Storage Box

    Hey guys -

    I just picked up a sweet used Triton Elite 2 place and will be towing with my car so I want to get a storage box for all of the 'stuff' and I want to keep things light so I want a plastic box.

    I've found this at discount trailers - Discount Trailers Box but I'm not sure how I feel about it. There's a similar one at Summit too but it's like 90 bucks.

    I was also thinking about buying this, some u bolts and drilling some holes in the bottom...and I can pick it up at my local Loews...Loews Box and it's only $50 and it's quite a bit bigger.

    Any thoughts? What about other recommendations?

    Thanks guys!

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    Go to Walmart they have a nice box for $42.99 I put it on my Triton and it looks great nice and sterdy hard plastic....

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    Keep an eye on local yard sales for a pick up tool box. that is what i have... Works great.

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    Do you have a link for the WalMart box? I couldn't find anything on their site.

    How do you guys mount these? Just some u-bolts and big washers? Is that enough? I saw a guy on another post that had a sweet diamond plate box and he cut some aluminum and had a sweet mounting was pretty sweet, but not sure I need all of that to hold some vests.


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