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    any body try this product i wanna repaint the sltx , iv had awesome luck removing sum decals with a heat gun and finger nails

    but iv always wanted to paint this thing and i just didnt have the balls to start something and make my ski really ugly then take it to a pro ,

    is red the harder paints well to paint , meaning the body has to flawless ?

    any body know what kinda plastic the rub rails are or does any body have a section of junk rub rail so i can experiment with ?

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    I think Krylon or a major paint manufacturer has "plastic paint"

    I belive i painted some number plates made out of plastic for a honda xr100r not too long ago. it came out good. but i believe it wont withstand falling and scratches/scratching.

    them rub rails are bumped all the time. paint will probably scratch off of it if you paint them. if anything a dye/pigment that'll penetrate the rub rail plastic is your best bet.

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