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    Deal or No Deal?

    Have a chance to purchase (2) 96 Yamaha 1100 Waveraiders with the following: Storage covers, Shorelander two place trailer machines have
    about 158 & 135 hours. Stored in his plane hangar when not in use. Selling
    price $3,000.00 for package. Reason for sale owner has purchased two new machines.

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    welcome to the forum

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    Thats a deal.

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    thats definately a deal but check compression just to make sure

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    Big Raider,
    Thanks for your input, these have been owned by a retired couple, the ski's along with everything this seller owns is kept in A-1 condition. I
    thought rather than taking the big plunge with two new ones our family
    would test the waters with two good used machines. I was planning on
    a compression check and reading the plug color to make sure they have not been running lean. And any signs of hull abuse.

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    There is someone on craigslist selling a pair like that in Houston....sounds like a great deal! I paid 2K for mine a year ago with 140 hours on it.

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    Great deal at $3k. You can ride those for a year or two and get your money back. Can't go wrong with that. Definitely do a compression check. Hope you get them and post some pics!

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    Using GPS as a speedo

    Is a GPS the best way to measure MPH. And if so what are some of the favored brands and their model numbers?

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    Welcome to Old Skool.

    Before you purchase these skis are you aware of the handling characteristics of these skis? have you ridden one before?

    They are comparable to a late 60`s early 70`s muscle car, lots of power, fast acceleration but the high speed handling needs getting used to.

    I don`t mean to put you off from this great deal, I just want to make you aware.

    As Big Raider stated, do a compression check (they should be about 110-120 as stock I think) and a test drive would be good also. Swap them over to premix straight away, because with those hours the oilpumps may fail and junk the motor, premix is the safest way to go.

    I recommend a Garmin Forerunner 201 GPS $80 on ebay.

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    You're dead on with your comments. Like my old Kawasaki triple 750 it was
    a rocket in a straight line, but had terrible brakes, suspension, transmission but was a blast on a empty road.

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