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    Moroso Cool Can: Cooler Denser Fuel

    Most of you are familiar with the concept, an insulated can that holds ice that has an inlet and an outlet for fuel lines. Fuel comes in, runs through lines that have ice surrounding them and then heads to the motor.

    Same theory we are all after: COOLER DENSER FUEL makes more power.

    The Cool Can I have is very large, however, and probably would not fit anywhere in an RXP hull. I have it for my Mustang GT and have not yet installed it.

    Anyone ever try this in a skie and if so, any success?


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    Typically these are used for carbureted motors, and most of these aren't rated for the high pressures found in fuel injection.

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    I have though about running the 3/4 hose from the pump through a cool can before it goes into the intercooler. Has anyone tried that. A cool can could easily be changed to a 3/4 aluminum line coiled in it.

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    I got a Moroso cool can on eBay a few months back. I was going to adapt my front bucket to be a cooler, and mod the cool can into the bottom of the bucket. That way when I put Ice in my cooler, not only will it keep my beer cool, it should at least cool my fuel by 10deg or so. I also considered running my intercooler line into this, but it probably would not have much affect based on the volume of water running through the IC.

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