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    Warranty Question About Rebuilding Motor

    I HAVE a 04 rxp with 55 hrs on it . i have the extended service contract tell o9
    My Ski has a broken middle pistion . Now my extended service contract provider wants to just take the motor, fix only the broken parts, and use the same rings , baerings .. ect and put it back to gather .. is that sea doo standerds . i know they will us new gaskets ..
    My Question is : Does sea doo have a standard way, motors that have been pulled apart , must have new repacement installed .. such as all new rings , barrings and ect ... i just dont want to get taken avantage of ..
    because my contract states .. its not a warranty it is a extenstion of the orginal service contract from sea doo .. offers ..

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    The cost of the repair is going to be between your dealer and the service contract provider, and I am sure that your dealer will need to provide a list of parts that are replaced. I would approach your dealer and offer to pay for new bearings and rings, and let the service contract provider pay for the labor. If the problem was due to an SC ceramic washer failure, I would make sure that the engine is dissambled, cleaned and worn parts replaced... Ron

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