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    Fuel Injector Cleaner in '07 RXP?

    Hey guys.....just wondering if it's Ok the run some fuel injector cleaner through my '07 RXP 215? It's just a maintenance thing.


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    Don't feel that it is needed as long as you purchase quality fuel. A little rough on the fuel lines also. If you feel you have to have it then I recommend the Chevron with Techron as Techron is the only additive that has been proven to increase performance.

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    Yea a little Techron never hurt anybody.

    But really the only thing better is the Amsoil Pi but it has to be ordered.

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    Yeah, one ounce of Techron per gallon should doo it... Ron

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    does anyone know where i can buy Chevron techron in Ontario, Canada? Or online?


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    Quote Originally Posted by iceman1998 View Post
    does anyone know where i can buy Chevron techron in Ontario, Canada? Or online?


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    Run Chevron Gas and no need to do more

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